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Rochester Guitar Lessons for Teens

The teenage years are some of the hardest and most important of our lives and are when most young people develop patterns, thought processes, and mindsets that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Rochester’s School Of Guitar provides the high quality lessons your teen will need, whether he wants to play music professionally or just as a hobbyist. Your teen’s education here will go far beyond music though. At Rochester’s School Of Guitar, he will develop skills, traits, and a mindset that will be the framework for success later in life.
It’s more than a matter of music; it’s a way to open doors
All parents who bring their teens to me want the best for them. You want them to succeed, you want them to have a chance to nurture a skill; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading these words. You want them to enjoy themselves and most importantly, you want them to have a better childhood than you did.
Would you like your teen to have:

  • A place she can come every week to get away from the daily stress of life and relax and have fun?
  • A place where she can learn to express yourselves?
  • A community that not only wants her to succeed, but teaches how to do so as well?
  • A community that supports and encourages her 100%
  • A way for her to pursue her enjoyment of music knowing she’s constantly making progress every time she picks up the instrument?
  • A community that will help her grow as a musician and surpass her own beliefs in her own ability?

When I was a teenager, I needed several things that I really didn’t get: I needed a proper music education and support from a great community. I went from one teacher to the next when I was younger, and none of them could help me play any better and become the guitar player I wanted to be.
As a result, I began to doubt my ability to become the player I desired to be.

It wasn’t until I found a great teacher and a great community that I truly succeeded. 
I want to offer your teen what I worked really hard to find: A place where they can become the musicians they want to be and a place where they can recieve the support of an amazing community.


At Rochester’s School Of Guitar your teen will:

  • Enjoy a relaxed, warm welcoming environment where he can learn about music.
  • Develop a skill that will accompany him throughout life.
  • Develop social skills, teamwork and confidence.
  • Relieve stress, from their life and have something to look forward to every week.
  • Take his guitar playing skills to the level he desired.
  • And most importantly, develop a skill set and mindset that will be the framework for future success in life.


Your teen won’t just get lessons! they’ll also get:


Start Up DVD: $39 Value Free

Start Up DVD

This start-up movie will tell your she needs to begin her journey to play guitar. It will take her through the basic methods Rochester’s School Of Guitar uses, and is accompanied by 30 minutes worth of training videos you can use to get results NOW!


Pre-Made Materials: $37 Value Free

Pre-Made Materials

Your teenage will get pre-made materials by me every step of the way. These pre-made materials will cut out wasted time and make lessons more effective and fun for your teen.


Personal Organization System: $37 Value Free

Personal Organization System

This system will keep your teen focused, accountable, and consistent. It’s the blueprint she will follow to reach her goals. It will help her physically see the progress she is making every month, week, and day.

Chris Glyde (Guitar Instructor) “Intro Video for Guitar Lessons in Rochester for Teens”


Brigette: “I enjoyed Chris’ innovative teaching method because I feel like I’m part of a community, rather than being isolated going to a lesson by myself. I feel like I’m a part of something.”


Julia: “He’s very flexible and you don’t have to focus 100% on one topic at one time”


Parker: “Chris uses humor and guitar playing in the lesson, so the lessons aren’t just boring classes.”


Kevin B: “Every since I started lessons with Chris, my growth has been exponential. What helps me the most is that I have a plan for what to practice. It’s fun being here and that’s what I like most about lessons.”


Brian M: “Chris is the most fantastic guitar teacher I’ve ever had. In the short time I’ve been taking lessons he has totally improved my playing abilities. Now I can play difficult licks easily using the skills he taught me.”


After taking lessons for a year, you will have received $1,333 dollars worth of bonus materials.

I’m 100% confident that your teen will love the chance to learn with Rochester’s School Of Guitar, so I provide:

1) A Free trial lesson: I offer each potential student the chance to come and meet me, play some guitar and talk about what they’d like to do with music.

Click on the button below and fill out the form on the next page to schedule your teen’s free introductory lesson.

So what are you waiting for? Guitar lessons in Rochester are available now!

Tell Me About Yourself!

or Call: (585) 530-2201

Chris Glyde, Guitar Instructor

P.S.Rochester’s School Of Guitar provides a higher- quality learning experience for teenagers looking to learn music seriously or just to learn it as a hobby and have fun.

P.S.S. Many times, people look back on their teenage years and regret not taking music more seriously or learning to play an instrument. Do you want that to be what happens to your teenager? Rochester’s School Of Guitar operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so if the classes fill up, you will have to wait for an open spot.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Are you a Qualified Teacher?

Yes, I am, but it’s even better then that.

I am a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle is a group of international guitar teachers dedicated to providing the best service and value to students all over the world. We discuss innovative teaching styles and continue to raise the bar on high quality education.

We are lead and trained in teaching skills by the world’s most successful guitar teacher, Tom Hess.

By taking lessons with me, your teenager will be learning with the most effective teaching methods in the world. These methods aren’t just theories: they have been tested and proven time and time again to help thousands of students improve their own guitar playing. 

I have recently graduated from the Guitar Teachers Super Summit International, which takes place every 3 years. During this event I was trained for an entire week on superior guitar teaching methods and formats.

Every year I attend live events and seminars to improve my teaching skills, continue to learn more and make my service as a guitar teacher more valuable.

2. School is a big priority for my teenager and I don’t want guitar to distract him. Will this cause distractions?

Rochester’s School Of Guitar has methods designed to allow your teen to work at their own pace.  If schoolwork needs to be a bigger focus, your teen can still learn guitar without it becoming a distraction or interfering with his studies.

On top of that, lesson times are very flexible and convenient. If your teen happens to have a test and needs to study for it, he may come for a lesson on a different day for their lesson that week.

There are also programs designed specifically for kids who need to focus on their schoolwork more. During the free introductory lesson, feel free to ask me about these programs, if I don’t mention them.

3. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a nice instrument because I’m not sure she will stick to it. Do you have instruments for rent?

Unfortunately, I don’t currently have any instruments for rent. I would like to talk to you a bit about your thinking though. Many parents feel they want to wait before investing in a nice instrument until they’re certain there teen enjoys it. This sounds like a good principle in theory, but it has some drawbacks.

Bad guitars are harder to play, and don’t sound as nice. This means the chances that your teen will enjoy playing the instrument goes WAY down, because it will be harder to play and she won’t like the sound of it.

4. I’m not from the Rochester area, but I would like to take lessons. Is that alright?

Of course it is. I have students who live 45 minutes to an hour away who drive into Rochester for lessons on a weekly basis. The Rochester Rock academy serves Rochester and all surrounding areas including, but not limited to, Irondequiot NY, Gates NY, Pittsford NY, Penfield NY, Fairport NY, Hilton NY, Greece NY, Webster NY and Henrietta NY.